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Darley Lovell is an online store bringing you carefully sourced and hand-picked fashion jewellery and gifts. Already selling at parties / events and personal shopping evenings / days for over two years, whilst reviewing not only the jewellery and gifts but prices and packaging too. 

About the Owner

After having the name for many many years, the right time arrived and Darley Lovell has been brought to life by Rebekah. As mentioned, I have already been selling from home to friends and family (thank you) also at parties and local events for a while. It has been and continues to be great fun and now as initially intended, is an online store too.

Why Darley Lovell? I wanted to recognise the Avenue I grew up on, where there wasn't much money around but was a huge sense of community made up of amazing hard-working genuine people. They all looked after you like you were their own (also, told you off like you were their own too) they all stuck together and "chipped in" through good times and bad - it was great fun! As were the Tupperware, Pippa Dee, 'Club Books' and other parties the Mums and Grans held on a regular basis, I think we (as kids) learnt a lot from these evenings...even if we were made to "go upstairs"...well, we just sat on the stairs to listen in - great times. This, together with the surname of an amazing direct descendent, created Darley Lovell.

255420_1885009736980_2612947_nDarley Avenue 

I love listening to friends, family and customers when they are trying on jewellery and selecting gifts, everyone has their own unique taste and style which makes my job even more interesting. I get so excited when we have our "Tupperware style" parties and everyone is chatting about the history and reasons for loving the jewellery they have or have their eye on - everyone is so original and each piece of jewellery has its own story.

I also have a passion for visiting Trade Fairs to see what new and inspiring jewellery and gifts are out there, I have built some great relationships with some fabulous suppliers.

The best bit for me is taking the feedback received then carefully sourcing, hand-picking and selecting every piece, aiming for total customer satisfaction. All of our customers experience and satisfaction is paramount and I, together with a tiny team will strive to continue to work to ensure we achieve it.

Also introducing Darley Avenue 'Pop-up Page' for hard working designers, creators or just other small businesses that haven't yet had the chance to create their websites, to promote and selll their products.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us, we look forward to seeing you again soon. 

Please feel free to email me direct at any time -

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If you find an item you love has 'Sold Out' please feel free to contact us . 

We will reserve one from ordered stock for you (subject to availability) and let you know as soon as it becomes available. 

NB: We do not require a deposit.

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